Jing and Mike Company • Mike Austin

Jing and Mike Company • Mike Austin

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About me

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer. I live in Hawaii and spend most of time creating illustrations for a wonderful group of clients or working on my children's books for Harper Collins and Beach Lane Books (Simon & Schuster). I've won awards from Communication Arts, Print and others. My children's book App "A Present for Milo" has garnered rave reviews and was featured on NPR, MSNBC and USA Today.

When not on deadline you can find me surfing with my wife, illustrator Jing Jing Tsong. If you need to reach me on Saturday mornings just go down the road past the big mango trees, turn left at the bottom of the hill and when you see the roosters on the side of the road next to the crooked mailbox go right, then keep going over the lava (the pahoehoe NOT the a'a!). You know you're getting close when you see the big lava tube. Turn left and go through the Kiawi trees. You're there! Paddle all the way out, stay in the channel and look for me in the line-up. I'm the one with the sunburn and big smile. Or you can just call me later at 808-325-1445.


Harper Collins
American Express
Wall Street Journal
New York Times
Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
Globe & Mail
Harvard Business Review
Johns Hopkins
Tufts University
Business Week
United Airlines
American Airlines
Food and Wine
Boys Life
Reader's Digest

and many more


Mike Austin
Kona Hawaii USA
Work: 808-325-1445



WSJ Health 500 copy


TestTubeDNA 500 copy

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Mentor Final


MeltingBarchart 500 copy

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A school bully gets what's coming to him

The long road ahead

Choosing the right path

Alum 3b 500 copy

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